Christmas Gifts for the Foodies on your List!

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Christmas Gifts for the Foodies on your List!

Christmas is less than two weeks away, but do not fear we have gifts for all the foodies on your list, and from now until the 22nd, we guarantee that all Calgary orders will be delivered by the 24th! So this holiday season skip the crowded malls and let us help you find the perfect gifts!

Under $25:


MODA Bobble Whisk:

 From $17.99 CAD










Whisks have remained relatively unchanged since their invention, and because of this have gained a reputation as a relatively mundane piece of kitchenware. The MODA bobble whisk breaks past this reputation with a modern design that not only looks amazing but also improves on the classic whisk design in almost every way! Gone are the days where dough and batter gets trapped in the wire of your whisk. With an open bottom design no dough will be wasted, and clean up is a breeze. The vibrating bobbles aerate your food at rates your old whisk could only dream of; perfect for achieving a lump-free consistency faster than ever before!

Bamboo Cutting Board:

From $19.99










Plastic cutting boards are old news! They are bad for the environment, prone to melting and generally lack style. Help your friends and family bring their kitchen into modern times with a stylish bamboo cutting board. Our Bamboo cutting boards are strong and dense, giving a solid base for all your chopping and cutting needs. With their beautiful design and slanted edges for easy pickup, these cutting boards are so elegant they can also double as serving platters! 

Under $50:


Moda Garlic Press:

$39.99 CAD














What sets this garlic press apart is its sweeping arm that automatically scrapes the remaining garlic away from the basket, leaving you with clean hands. After the garlic has been pressed, the basket pops open for hassle-free cleanup. The unique design earned this press the 2017 Ambiente Frankfurt Kitchen Innovation Award in Germany so you can be confident that you are giving a fantastic gift!

0.6L Pour Over Set:

$49.99 CAD
















Help your loved one start their day off right! A favourite around the Hutch office, our Pour Over Coffee Brewer, is elegant, and the stainless steel filter reduces waste, and absorbs less of the coffee oils, giving you a bright flavourful cup of coffee! Regardless of how many cups of coffee your loved one drinks a day, they will want to keep it on their counter as its beautiful design is a complement to any kitchen!

Under $100 


Tammi Harmonic Whistling Kettle:

$89.99 CAD














A kettle is a kitchen staple, but they are not all created equal. Buy your loved one the last kettle they will ever need, as the Tammi Kettle is built to last! Its unique two-toned harmonic whistle will fill your home with a beautiful tone each and everytime your water reaches a boil! There's nothing like a cozy winter night, with a warm cup of tea. Give the gift of comfort and elegance; give a Tammi Kettle!

Fridge Carafe with Stainless Steel Tea Filter:

$79.99 CAD

An iconic pillar of the hutch line-up, the Fridge Carafe with Tea filter is the perfect gift for the tea lover on your list! The filter allows you to steep loose or bagged teas and the neoprene sleeve keeps it warm while making the carafe safe to the touch. Designed to fit in most fridge doors the carafe is also perfect for iced teas, or mixed drinks, and is a hit at any party!

Under $130 


AL-P Frying Pan:

$129.99 CAD










A game changer in the kitchen anyone from professional chefs, to beginners will love this pan. Combining a non-toxic non-stick layer with raised stainless steel this pan redefines non-stick cookware. Perfectly combining form and function, it is entirely safe to use metal utensils on any of the AL-P lineups! The raised stainless steel also allows for the perfect browning and caramelization of meats, while still benefiting from the non-stick layer! This pan can do it all; non-stick, oven safe(up to 400 F), metal utensil safe, and absolutely stunning. This pan is sure to create smiles on Christmas morning!

Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block:















This Bamboo knife block provides the functionality of a magnetic knife rack, with the addition of a stylish bamboo design. Bamboo not only looks great but is also a sustainable resource. It will look amazing in any of your loved one's kitchens from modern, to classic, to contemporary!

Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bread Bin:

$129.99 CAD

Helps to keep bread fresh, and looks great! By keeping air temperature and humidity constant these breadbins will slow that rate at which bread goes stale and comes complete with a bamboo cutting board that allows crumbs to fall through where they are contained, making for easy cleanup! Great for anyone on your list!


Hutch Specialty Item:


Damascus Knife:











Built from 67- layers of high-quality carbon steel, the Damascus knife is sure to be the star of any kitchen. Each Damascus knife is unique as the layers create a different pattern on each knife! The knife comes in a gorgeous black polished case that will make a huge impact when opened on Christmas morning. There are no shortcuts with this knife, and it shows. Japanese Damascus carbon knives are one of the most sought-after knives in the world and this limited edition knife evokes a certain emotion each time it is used.

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