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Cool Kitchen Tools And Gadgets To Add To Your Cooking Routine

Here's something you'll want to have in your kitchen: our high quality, ergonomically designed tools!  Effortlessly peel hard or soft veggies, easily tenderize meat, and safely open cans with no sharp edges. Using the right tools will make the task at hand easier, every time! 

Who's the next MasterChef? Oh, that'd be YOU.

  • Swivel Crosswise peelerThis Stainless Steel Swivel Crosswise Peeler works best on fruits and vegetables that are longer, giving you the flexibility to pull down instead of across.
  • Swivel Peeler (right-handed)Made to fit comfortably in your right hand, this swivel peeler is ergonomically designed for better right-handed use.
  • Fine Swivel Peeler - This Steel Swivel Peeler makes it easy to peel potatoes, apples and anything else. 
  • Tomato / Kiwi Peeler The serrated teeth on this stainless steel peeler grab onto the skin of delicate fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and kiwis, making it easier to peel.
  • Meat Tenderizing MalletSolid body construction and a double sided mallet with studded ends make this a versatile tool to tenderize meats and seafood before cooking.


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